Portraiture is one of the oldest professional uses of photography, and remains a huge industry to this day. Posed images of individuals, groups, families, and teams can be seen almost everywhere. Some of the larger players in the industry are still relying on exhorbitant fees from their clientelle in exchange for minimal product, sometimes with less than spectacular results.

These are your memories. The quality of the photography is everything. We try to provide our clients with the best imagery possible at a reasonable price, so that it won't break your budget just to capture a moment in the lives of your loved ones.

Pricing Guidelines*
Std. Sitting Fee $75.00
Hourly Rate * Varies (1st hour comp.)
Location Lighting & Sets Varies
Online Index Sheet Free

* Prices may be open to negotiation, on a per-client basis.

** Includes touch-up and layout. Pricing for up to 20 pages/75 shots. Additional content options available.