Wedding photography is easily the largest commercial segment of the craft. It is also one of the most frustrating for many people who have a hard time sifting through the myriad options available, even more so since the advent of digital photography, which seemed to double, if not triple, the wedding photographer community overnight.

We have experienced photographers who are willing to provide an affordable solution, no matter how big or small your wedding event is. We have a full arsenal of remote portraiture and event lighting at our disposal, and decades of combined experience to make sure every moment is captured, from the placement of the first decoration, to the blissful aftermath of the reception.

Pricing Guidelines*
Basic Services (1 photographer + asst) $800.00
Full Services (2 photographers + asst) $1,250.00
Location Lighting & Sets Varies
Hardcover Printed Album** $95.00
Online Index Sheet Free

* Prices may be open to negotiation, on a per-client basis.

** Includes touch-up and layout. Pricing for up to 20 pages/75 shots. Additional content options available.